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Who & Where - I'm Sandra. Originally from a small medieval town in France, I live in beautiful Perth, Australia. 

What I do - Freelance illustrator, published by several publishers, including Lantana Publishing (UK), Simply Read Books (Canada), Papyros Publishing (Greece).

How I do it - A mixture of traditional art (Rembrandt Pastels are my favorite) and digital media (Photoshop)

Perk of the job - I get to spend much of my time in imaginary worlds.

Happy milestone - Sleep Well, Siba & Saba was nominated for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal 2018. I didn't win, but it was a lovely pat on the back.

Things I like - Art, photography, splendid cinematography, pretty floral art, running outdoors, yoga, travelling, reading, playing the piano, sleeping, things that smell good, Paris... the list goes on.

Things I don't like - Loooong dinner parties, empty talk, lentils. And bad manners.

What's next - Something is in the air. Is it a paper kite?  Discover it HERE

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